Research & analysis in the field of talent market, emerging technologies and future of work.


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#TB4HRLabs is a research department of Toolbox for HR. #TB4HRLabs primary task is to conduct research & analysis in the field of talent market, emerging technologies and future of work. We use in-house technology, surveys and data analysis to identify the latest trends and insights from market, clients and tech talent globally. Most of the research is not being publically published and distributed only with our clients. We also do research for our clients. We publish results and reports on our website to share and grow the knowledge on talent market and changes in the economy from the perspective of highly qualified professionals.


Tech Talent

#TB4HRLabs has access to over 1.5 million diverse tech professionals from 100+ countries. This huge talent base through various data parsing methodologies and surveys helps us to understand the various trends on programming languages, emerging technologies, best practices, and many other aspects. These insights help us to connect the developers wisdom to the tech world and help us understand the way forward.

Why Us

In the era of digitalization, every business decision made is data-driven to increase success rate and profits. And recruitment is no exception. At #TB4HRLabs we support tech companies by using data to analyze business model, resources and needs to create an efficient recruitment process that will help companies to retain, grow workforce with the minimal effort possible. If you are a company looking to find out where to start building a team of Java Developers or how to plan your graduate recruitment efforts please let us know.





Marcin is a founder and CEO at Toolbox for HR and #TB4HRLabs. He helps startups scale their engineering teams in an agile manner with his team of 20 technical recruiters. With 250 technical hires in the first 18 months, Toolbox for HR is one of the most efficient recruitment teams in Europe. Before starting Toolbox for HR in 2014, Marcin was managing Tech Recruitment for Google Engineering in half of Europe, recruited from ground up several Microsoft operations in South-East Europe, run Hewlett Packard recruitment and worked for a couple of recruitment shops. He is also a mentor, investor, and a startup community supporter. Marcin is committed to strong operational execution and scalability of the business that is why he keeps on asking about numbers because he thinks stories without numbers are boring.

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